WallPeeper is a Window that looks through the Icons and open Windows that are on your screen and shows a portion of your DeskTop WallPaper.   WallPeeper   starts in the center of your screen and is approximately 1/4 of the screen size.   The WallPeeper Window is completely movable and resizable, so you can see a larger or smaller piece of your WallPaper as you prefer.

WallPeeper by: RandyGrams
About will show information about the program and the programer.

Help will show this screen.

The Min/Max/Rest options Minimize, Maximize or Restore the Window.

Quit will End WallPeeper.

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   WallPeeper.Exe                         DownLoad   the   WallPeeper   VB.NET source files.