Written by:   Randy Giese
Written at:
Written on:   August 16, 2010
Language:     VB.NET / Visual Basic 2010

Sequences   is a card game where all the cards are dealt face up.   There are 7 columns each consisting of 5 cards.   Below that there is a row of 19 cards dealt face down.   Finally, there is 1 more card, face up.   That is the first card of the object pile.   Note:   There are a total of 55 cards; 52 standard playing cards plus 3 jokers.

The object is to clear the 7 columns of cards off the table by matching them with the current object card.
Much more information is available in the "Sequences.txt" file.

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   Sequences.Exe                         DownLoad   the   Sequences   VB.NET source files.

    Note:   "Sequences.Exe" requires a file called "Cards32.dll" to be in the same folder.
    Therefore I had to Zip the 2 files together in a file now called "".