Mad Math Options!
I wrote MadMath on December 27, 2012.   It is a program that generates math problems.   The name came from the first part of my Granddaughter Madelyn's name because she helped me write, design and debug it.

MadMath will create the type of problems and the dificulty level based on the user's input.   The screen on the Right will be displayed when the program starts.   The first step is for the current Player to decide which type or types of problems they want.   The choices are "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication" and "Division".   They may choose any combination they wish.   Only whole numbers are currently used by this program (no decimals or fractions).

The next step is to decide the biggest numbers that you want in your problems.   The "Addition And Subtraction" problems will use 1 big number and the "Multiplication and Division" problems will use a different number, although you can make them the same if you like.   Someone may be able to add "55 + 90" but "55 * 90" is a bit more difficult.

As I mentioned above, only whole numbers will be used, so I had to write in a special "Factoring" routine to be sure that would always happen with the "Division" problems.

Mad Math!
The main program is shown on the Left.

There are 2 Menu choices:   "Show Answer", which will, surprisingly enough, display the answer   -   and, Show Options, which displays the Startup page shown above.

That's it!

Type your answers in the Blue box and have fun!

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   MadMath.Exe                         DownLoad   the   MadMath   VB.NET source files.