Written by:   Randy Giese
Written at:
Written on:   September 26, 2011
Language:     VB.NET / Visual Basic 2010

LastSuo is a programers tool.   I originally wrote LastSuo to scan my directories and sub-directories, then list the most recently saved VB Projects.   I know that when I open VB, I can choose 'Recent' and pick from that list.   However, when I download and try many programs from the Internet, plus a few more of my own, that list quickly becomes quite cumbersome and it really doesn't tell me which ones I have edited.   It even lists programs that have already been moved or deleted.   So I wrote this.   But please read on to see what else I discovered.

I had planned to just list the 10 most recent projects, but hadn't gotten around to that yet when I discovered something interesting.   Besides listing the most recently used projects, it also lists the oldest projects (actually, it lists ALL projects in ALL sub-directories that you choose).   So by checking the bottom of the list, you may find some oldies that either need your attention or may not be of any use anymore.   You may also find some oldies that were stuck away in a sub-directory and forgotten about.

Then I thought that this program might be useful for finding other File Types too, so I added the 'txtFileType' Text Box.   You may enter any File Type you like and scan for it.   The program will list All files matching your criteria, sorted in Date order (most recent to oldest).

You can find more information about the history of LastSuo, as well as more of it's features in the "LastSuo.Txt" file, which is included in the "Source" files.

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