Written by:   Randy Giese
Written at:
Written on:   August 30, 2013
Language:     VB.NET / Visual Basic 2010

ItsaDate by RandyGrams
ItsaDate is really just a toy.   You may set or select any 2 dates and the program will tell you the difference between them.
It will display the number of Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds in the boxes below.
ItsaDate will go back as far as 1753 and as far forward as 9998.

When ItsaDate starts, it will display the current date in both fields.   If you want to find out how old you are, enter or select your Birthday in the top box.   As soon as you change any field (Year, Month or Date), all boxes below will be updated.  

A Date box.
You may change a date by clicking the little "Calendar" icon in one of the Date boxes.   From there you can navigate forward or backward through time 1 month at a time by clicking the arrows in the Calendar.   Most of the time it will probably be easiest to select the Month and Day that way, but you will probably want to enter the Year manually.   To do that, just click on the Year and enter a different one.

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   ItzaDate.Exe                         DownLoad   the   ItzaDate   VB.NET source files.