Circle in a Box! I created Circle_ina_Box just because I like Gradients.   You can find other Gradient displays at:   www.RandyGrams.Com   but I think Circle_ina_Box may be the most colorful.

Circle_ina_Box is not a game.   It is just a graphical display.   Each Circle will just fit into it's respective Box and every Circle/Box pair will be a different size, color and location than every other pair.   The minimum Box size will equal 1/4 of your screen height.


Circle in a Box Main Menu! The About screen displays information about this program and its creator.
This is the Help screen.

If Show Boxes is Checked, the Boxes will be drawn.
If Show Circles is Checked, the Circles will be drawn.

Close Menu will Close the Menu.
End Circle_ina_Box will End the program.

Circle in a Box Speed Menu!
Change Speed will display the Speed Box shown on the right.   You may change it to alter the Speed of the Display.

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   Circle_ina_Box.Exe                         DownLoad   the   Circle_ina_Box   VB.NET source files.