Catch The Flea

Catch The Flea!
Catch is a little "Chasing" game I originally wrote in VB6 back in 2003.   This version was rewritten in VB.Net on November 08, 2011.   The name was changed to Catch The Flea because the word Catch is a reserved word in VB.Net.

A Flea scampers around the screen bouncing off the walls while leaving a trail behind him.   After a while, the Flea disappears and a different colored Flea appears.   Chase him around the screen with your Mouse and try to Catch him.   As you move your Mouse, it will also leave a trail, but with a couple of differences.   Your Mouse trail is a different color than the Fleas and leaves a series of lines that point to the Flea.   In other words, it shows you exactly where to move your Mouse.

There are a couple of problems.   One is that by the time you move the Mouse, the Flea has already moved too.
Another problem is that the more Fleas that you Catch, the faster they will run, so you have to be fast.

I added a couple of Score Boxes in January, 2013.   The one in the Top Left corner shows the "Current Score".
The one in the Top right corner shows the "Number of Hits".

  • DownLoad   your free copy of   CatchTheFlea.Exe                         DownLoad   the   CatchTheFlea   VB.NET source files.