Welcome to the NEW RandyGrams Web Site.

Everything here is 100% free.   I do not ask for any donations.   I do not ask visitors to register and I do not use any kind of tracking cookies.   I learned to write programs by finding source code that was similar to what I wanted to accomplish, then changing it to meet my needs.   This Web Site is my way of returning that favor.   It is my hope that others will learn from my programs, then go on to write their own.

Here is the current list of RandyGrams that are available to be downloaded.   Each name is a "Link" that will give more information and allow you to download it.

Note:  These programs require that the PC have MS .Net 4.0 installed.  It can be downloaded and installed here:   MS .Net 4.0

8x9               A numbers program.   Please click for more info.
15                A logic game where speed is needed. (Dec-2013) Added Menu Items and better scoring.
100 Clicks        (Feb-2014)   Added my Randomizer + file encryption.
AMaze_ing         Find your way thru a Maze.   Upgraded with colorized "Stats" (2012/09/25).
Angles            Draw lines at a specific angle for a specific distance.
BluBox            (Dec-2013)   I added sound & many new options.   Please click for more info.
Catch The Flea    A real fun chasing game that gets very difficult.
Circle_ina_Box    A very colorful graphics display.
ColorList         A programmers tool that lists 140 Color names with RGB codes.
Count             Counts to a Billion 10 times. It's a PC speed test.
Cubes             Draws lots and lots of colorful Cubes.
Formatter         A programmers tool that formats text.
Grad3D            Draws full screen colorful 3 dimensional gradients.
ItzaDate          (NEW Sep-2013)   Find the difference between any 2 dates.
LastSln           (Jan-2014)   A programmers tool to list all VB.Net projects.   User sortable.
Mad Math          Generates math problems for many different levels.
Sequences         (NEW Feb-2014)   A fun and addictive card game.   Please click for more info.
Stars             Create Stars, Cubes, Trapezoids & Triangles to your specs.
TicTac            Play Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer.   Multiple levels of difficulty.
WallPeeper        Covers your DeskTop to show your Wallpaper.   User resizable.
Wand              Improved Graphics & added Options. (2012/12/24)

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